About this blog

I like writing- a lot.

But if there’s something I would like you to take from this blog is the central message of the gospel.
Please remember that Jesus Christ, the God-Man, incarnated, lived a perfect life and was crucified undeservingly for the sins of people like you and me. For His sacrifice we have been declared righteous before God. We have been adopted and welcomed into God’s family. We no longer need to be afraid of life nor death. We don’t have to earn God’s favor. Christ has paid it all, He has lived the righteous life we couldn’t live and died the death we deserved. By grace we are saved from God’s wrath. As a result, we are now forgiven, made sons and daughters of God, and are enabled to live for His glory in all areas of life, and in freedom of the Spirit.

This gospel truth connects to every point and stage of life. Whether you’re a religious or rebellious person, married or single, working or or have no job, in peace or in suffering, in health or sickness…the gospel is the bookend of the Christian life. No other truth is more necessary and more important than the gospel.

This is why I own this blog. This is why I want to remember it and live for and through it.


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