Hello, again

I’ve been looking for a way to start me blogging again, and lo and behold, it fell flat on my lap this morning! A fellow educator on Twitter asked me to join the Big Time Blogging Challenge. So here I am. I’m doing it!

As I’m writing, I’m in the small town of Methuen, MA enjoying some vacation time. The current weather here is more similar to fall than it is to summer––it’s been raining every day and temperatures have been in the 60’s.

Anyway, without no further ado, today’s prompt:

Introduce yourself and talk about what you’re hoping for this challenge

My name is Katherine Bautista. I am a Christian and a 4th grade Language Arts teacher at an international bilingual school in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Teaching is a passion of mine; it is my calling. I’ve been teaching for over 10 years (I’m only 29-  I just started young!) and I’m so thankful I get paid for doing something I enjoy. Teaching kids is not boring by any means, there’s always something new every day and us teachers get the best stories. The opportunity to invest in children’s lives, and in addition, their families’, is a tremendous responsibility and an amazing joy of mine.

For this challenge, I hope at least two things:

1. Get myself writing again: I love writing, but I haven’t been doing any serious writing lately. I want to get better at the craft of writing and there’s no way I can’t do this if I don’t get my hands fingertips dirty.

2. Connect with other educators and people in general: this year has been challenging and immensely rewarding as an educator and as a person. I hope I can inspire others and get some awesome ideas from fantastic teachers out there.

I have modified the 30-day blogging challenge a bit to meet my own needs. Yes, I will be blogging every day, but some days my topics will be different than those of the original challenge. Anyway, I’m looking forward to investing some of my summer vacations in this project and hopefully we will all have a great time! Please leave a comment if you’re doing this challenge as well.

See you tomorrow!


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