Life as it comes

“Is that a chicken’s egg?”

“Yes it is”

Mia and Marco were so excited about the egg I brought inside a jar. They could swear with their lives that there was a chick inside. We kept on explaining it was just an egg, but they couldn’t stop daydreaming about the “chick” until it broke and there was nothing else than egg yolk in the jar.

On they went to find another pet in the backyard. A few minutes passed by until we heard them say,

“We’re training Argentina so she can fly, mami”

“Argentina?”, I asked.

We found out that Argentina was the moth (actually, I’m not sure what kind of creature it was) Marco and Mía just found in the backyard. The pair spent like an hour “trying to teach it how to fly”. They would put it on them to decorate their shirts, too.


And while they were having fun with their newfound pet, Steff and I baked delicious cookies and wondered about the upcoming weather–– a storm is coming.


The kids didn’t know about it. They were outside exploring and making a science experiment (I think Argentina was not the main attraction anymore; or had flown away after her “training” 😉 )


Marco wanted to make a science experiment which, according to him, needed to be placed inside the refrigerator for one hour.

“When will it be finished?”, he asked his mom.

Steff approached the kitchen clock,  showed it to him and explained how to tell when the next hour was over.

“I’m going to sit here and wait till it’s over”, Marco announced.


I chuckled. Four-year-old kids don’t have a clear idea of what an hour is and how long it is. But he sat down and trusted it would come by fast. He didn’t sit for long, though, but right then I wished I would be like him. Like Mia. Like kids.

As I sit here and pray that the storm won’t come and hope that my rescheduled flight to NYC will actually happen on Friday, I want to be patient. And I want to, like a friend reminded me this afternoon, take life as it comes…just like kids do. Moment by moment. Instead of complaining and being discouraged about the weather and whatnot, I’m opening my eyes to the blessings I already have today. So here we go.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. Steff–– her welcoming heart towards people. For her creativity, her ability to bake. For how she fiercely and joyfully loves her children. The grace God’s poured on her to speak to her kids and converse with them. The strength God gives her every day. I’m thankful for being able to witness that and being part of it. So beautiful!

2. Backyards, butterflies, and sunshine.


3. The joy of loving other families and being loved and cared for by them. I’m treasuring each of these moments.

4. Freshly baked cookies in different shapes, of course!


5. Being able to celebrate my dad’s 54th birthday. Considering what he went through last January, this is a miracle. He’s come a long way. The Lord has done it!

So today, two minutes before midnight, I praise You, Father. Because You are good. Because You are wise. Because You are loving. Because You LOVE ME. While I may not understand Your ways, I trust Your character. Thank you for being so kind to me. For every little blessing. Please use me. Have Your way in me.


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