On vacation, meaning, and nature walks

Vacation: a respite or a time of respite from something (Merriam-Webster dictionary definition)

Vacation: a time when my heart naturally freaks out at the reality of down time from my regular schedule. (my definition)

When I was a child, I adored vacation. Those three glorious months of leisure were the epitome of happiness in each child’s life. I remember my family and I used to go on trips and spend days in hotels. There I would make new friendships with kids from other places of the world that would last just that–a few days (but they were fun, nonetheless! I got to practice my rudimentary English). During summer I also used to take swimming classes sometimes. Such a refreshment!

As I’ve grown up and acquired different responsibilities other than studying and getting good grades, vacation has also acquired a new meaning. The first one being freedom– from school and work. But it hasn’t stopped there. Now vacation also means “downtime”. In other words, it means, “Try to get some other summer jobs on the side which you can do to help you earn a necessary extra income for the summer”. This new meaning makes me freak out. It makes me anxious. Vacation is not as fun as it was before.

However, over the last couple of summers, I feel my Heavenly Father is trying to teach me a brand new meaning of the word vacation. He’s been whispering it in my ear and tenderly leading me through it. He’s been trying to teach me that vacation also means trust. Trust in Him who is the Provider of all my needs. Trust in His sovereignty to do what needs to be done and place me where I need to be. Trust in His love that I will have all my needs covered––and sometimes even more than that.


Yesterday was my first day of vacation from work. I am deciding by His grace to live one day of vacation at a time– trusting Him. And as I trust Him, I see Him taking care of me. As I trust Him, I want to enjoy and treasure the little gifts He’s so willing and kind to give me, such as the gifts of nature walks, friendships, and cute babies.

Flamboyant trees are so full and colorful at this time of the year 🙂





Yesterday morning  I got to enjoy fresh air, beauty, nature, and meaningful conversations with my good friend Jennifer as we walked through el Mirador 🙂 Jennifer is so dear to me!


As an added bonus, I got a “date” with her son baby AJ. He likes me! And even held my hand as we walked…


Isn’t he CUTEEEEE!!!


*smooches*  So, so cute… 😀 *sigh*

Thank you Lord for vacation. You are faithful. You are worthy to be trusted.


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