My hope is built on…

My outstanding performance.

My ability to outwit a situation or a person.

A brighter future.

Raw answers to a crucial question.

All of them are quicksands.

What is your hope built on?  Our fears reveal what we’re setting our hopes on.  What makes you afraid? What makes you lose hope? I know that oftentimes not being able to perform well, or failing to be smart enough, or not getting that which I hope for make me lose heart.

Is that your case as well?

I realize that if my hope is built on something less than Jesus and His righteousness, then I’m standing on sinking sand. Any other thing is but a flimsy dream.

Lord Jesus, be my solid rock. Even when I can’t see your face, let me rest in your unchanging grace. 


One thought on “My hope is built on…

  1. fantastic !
    i wrote some thing about hope not being tedious , the English language limits the strength of our understanding of hope as we both know Jesus is our hope , what does it mean in Greek ?
    and how does it differs.

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