Scrolling down your Bible

“Please open your Bibles and turn to…”, the pastor said.

I don’t remember what he said next because I realized something strange was happening around me. I got too busy observing my friends as they were doing exactly what I was. They were taking out their iPhones from their purses and finding the Bible passage.

When did we stop bringing our regular, heavy, leather-covered Bibles to church? Long time ago, if you ask me 😉 In a couple of years, I think pastors should start saying, “Open your Bible app and find…”. Also, instead of “turn to John 3:16”, they’ll say, “Scroll down to John 3:16” or something.

I praise God for technology. He’s the giver, and if I may say so without being disrespectful, the All-knowing geek. I hope and pray that all this cool stuff around us won’t get sidetrack us. That we don’t get too distracted by the light thrown at our faces by our devices so that we miss the Light of the World.

By the way, if you want some good Bible apps, here are a few I can recommend:

ESV Study Bible + My-all-time favorite Bible app! It’s got everything the ESV Study Bible has…just that it’s less heavy 😉

ESV Bible  The best Bible translation available

Blue Letter Bible



One thought on “Scrolling down your Bible

  1. This is so true…But I enjoy to open and read the bible, highlight something if need it. But I also have some apps, it’s easier for other things … I love youversion app (Bible), for me is the BEST bible app…

    good post Katherine! 🙂

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