Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands II

Here’s the next set of quotes I took from Paul David Tripp’s conference. You can find the first set  here.

“If you’re God’s child, your life doesn’t belong to you”

“God’s work is the work of change for His glory”

“I get angry because I don’t value what God is doing in this particular situation. I  get disappointed because I want something different than what God is giving me”

“All the time… you are preaching to yourself some kind of gospel”

“God sent his son to die because of how serious sin is. My problem as sinner is self-righteousness. I can see this when I’m being confronted. Instead of being thankful and feeling loved, I justify and defend myself”

“Your walk with God is a community project”

“Most ministry moments come when you least expect them to come”

“God will not call you to a test he has not enabled you to do”

Tomorrow, I will post what Paul Tripp calls a MINISTRY MODEL.


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