Friday (Finally!)- Wishing upon a star

We were out on my friend’s house roof, chilling out in the dark, late Wednesday night. It was just 5 of us which was really nice. I sat down, laid my head back on the chair, and (after I got my night vision right) I saw a shooting star! Oh so beautiful! I had the chance to make a wish 🙂 (which, according to the tradition, I must not tell you).

A few hours later, I tilted my head back  again to see the stars and I happened to see another shooting star…but this time it caught me completely off-guard, so I had a hard time figuring out what good wish I should make 😛

Anyway, (insert sarcasm here) if you believe in wishing upon shooting stars, that was part of the highlight of my week . Other highlights were:

1. Shooting at a birthday party

2. Being loved by Jesus in peculiar ways. His gospel shinning through difficult times!

3. Getting Lion OSX on my Mac for free 😀

As for you, this is your dose of funny stuff for this week:

It’s so hot here I’m thankful I get to go to the pool tonight 😀

Have a blessed weekend!

Image: NASA and  22 Words


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