100th post!

WOHA! I cannot believe I have written 100 posts in a year. 

This has been an epic journey, really.

Thank you all for reading and bearing with me. If you haven’t subscribed you can do so here or receive updates by email (see left right column)

Anyway, if there’s something I have learned about blogging is how enjoyable and hard it is. I’ve learned how to better use my gift of writing and encouraging others 🙂 Also, I’ve learned more about my wicked heart as  I’m tempted to measure my self-worth based on how many people read me :-/

Overall, it’s been GRACE who has sustained my blogging for so long. And I know GRACE will continue carrying me through.

Here are the top 10 posts for  all days. Enjoy!

10. Friday (Finally!)- Why you’re not more productive

9.  Mía and Marco: The Movie

8.  Friday (Finally!)- The History of Redemption 

7. Logging off doesn’t get you a halo

6. Sixty-Six Clouds: Word Cloud Bible

5. Long overdue, yet Jesus is exceedingly faithful (my graduation story and video)

4. Yes we can!

3. 30 reasons to thank God for 2010 (part 1)

2. Friday (Finally!)- are you going out tonight?

1. Flowers and cut-out paper hearts are not love (one of my favorites)

**And a post that almost made the top 10 was My heart went out to Haiti

Please pray for me: That I will always blog for HIS glory and the encouragement of others 😀 

By the way, is there anything you’d like me to blog about? 😀 Feel free to comment!


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