Long overdue, yet Jesus is exceedingly faithful

“No, I cannot do this. It is too difficult. I will fail”

I couldn’t help thinking that working on my thesis paper was the most horrendous, hard thing I would ever do in my whole life.
So I put it off over and over again.

When I have the time…
And pretty much always I couldn’t find the time. Until the Lord rebuked me and showed me a better way– the way of courage.
See, as I was afraid, I  became lazy. I know some people who are bold and brave, but I usually am not, not without Jesus anyway. I had heard so much of other students having a stressing time working on their thesis paper that I thought it’d be too much for me to handle with work, ministry and other stuff going on in my life. These were my 1,001 excuses to not do what I had to do.
But praise the LORD Jesus for His forgiveness, patience and strength. I found that once I repented and put myself to work on what was long due, He was there with me sustaining me all the way. I seriously didn’t have a lot of trouble to finish the thesis paper because He wrote it with me.
Last Wednesday, June 29th, 2011… 3 years after the date I was supposed to graduate, I received my diploma. “Summa cummlaude”, it states somewhere 😀
To my surprise, my thesis paper got recognized in front of the audience for how good it was. And my tears welled up. A huge knot was formed in my throat.
Think about it– a year ago I was completely rejecting the idea of finishing the paper that was long overdue. Today I have in my hands a diploma that recognizes my work. How cool and unbelievable is that?
I praise God for his details in my life. For the unmerited gifts He gives me. He let me graduate after I displayed and repented of so much laziness and fear. Graduation was a great thing, but giving me this recognition was too much. I wasn’t expecting nor deserving that. It was the cherry on top of the cake. There are NO WORDS to describe His faithfulness in waiting for me all this time.
There is no one like you, Jesus.
After the graduation ceremony was over, the Lord gave me such a wonderful time with with friends and family. It was a time full of laughter and tears of joy and thank-giving. It was very special. Another reminder of His faithfulness.
So Lord Jesus, my loyal friend and redeemer, I give you again back my life, my time, my talents and everything you’ve given me. I belong to you.

Here’s a video I made and shared with those who attended my graduation party. It’s in Spanish 😛


6 thoughts on “Long overdue, yet Jesus is exceedingly faithful

  1. Wow Kath, you’ve bringing tears to my eyes all video long.
    Es maravilloso ver cómo Dios nos transforma y moldea en el transcurrir de los años, y solo nosotros sabemos todo lo que Él ha removido y construido.
    Alabo a Dios por su obra en ti, por mostrar su fidelidad en tu vida y como se ha mostrado poderoso al ayudarte a lograr una meta más de muchas que faltan.
    Me encanta lo auténtica que eres y que disfrutas ser tú misma. Eres única. Que Dios siga siendo tu deleite, porque tú lo eres para Él

  2. ¡Wow! Me gozo muchísimo contigo Katherine, el vídeo me encantó (No sólo por haber sido hecho en imovie jajaja) y ver cómo buscas la mano de Dios en todo lo que te ocurre me estimula, pues en verdad Él está siempre ahí tejiendo nuestra historia.
    Que Él te siga usando grandemente y claro, me hubiese encantado estar allá (Pero aun eso es también parte de mi “mini historia” :D)
    ¡Un abrazo!

  3. Bellísimo!! Ahora fue que lo pude terminar! Precioso!! Lágrimas….. Cuánta falta me haces, nena!! Cuánta gracia es nuestra!!!!!!! Alabado sea nuestro Jesús!! No puedo esperar a estar contigo en Diciembre!!!!!!

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