Contentment: a rare pearl

One day I had all my plans figured out on what I was going to do that week. I had a clear, beautiful picture in my mind of how things were supposed to work out.

The next day, my truck broke down.

I was left almost in despair driving the ol´ truck my dad loves so much for some reason (a reason no one, not even he, can actually explain in a logical fashion. But let’s not go there…)

Anyway, I drove to work that day with some thoughts raging through my mind. They were thoughts of disappointment and some shame. But then, I heard another another voice in my head saying: “well, at least you’re actually driving to work and not walking to work”.

HA! didn’t think of that before.

And then there was another thought that said “after all, you have more than you deserve

And that actually settled it.

I was now more at peace driving to work in my dad’s old truck— which got me to work, and was more than I actually deserved. To my surprise, I was actually thankful for it!  Yeah, very weird 🙂

After reflecting a bit about it, I think that’s what contentment is about. It’s about looking at the bigger picture. It helps you see things from a different, more complete perspective and calming your unrested soul. I want to talk about contentment– what it is not, what ruins it, and what keeps it alive in our souls.

I think it is so important for us that we shouldn’t miss it. It is a rare pearl most of us don’t choose to wear. Contentment fuels us to keep us going even when our daily life doesn’t go the way we want it. Yet our God is always wise and loving. We can rest in this truth and know that everything will, at the end, be alright for those who love God.

So please join me on my path to discovering biblical contentment. Stay tuned!


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