How I became a better christian

I’m sorry I missed posting Friday (Finally!) yesterday. I had the title and content of the post in my head early in the morning, but all of a sudden it was dark and I found myself asleep on my bed.

In other words, yesterday was a long day.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you how I became a better Christian. To make a long story short (probably because there is no long story)… I got my Macbook Pro on Thursday night 😀 And that’s when the whole transformation took place.

Don’t you get it? Stephen Altrogge will shed some light on this issue. Read here! He lists 5 reasons why Apple products make you a better Christian, including “Apple Products Don’t Tempt You to Anger and Despair” and “Apple Products Give You More Time For Prayer” 😉

Will see you soon with some good content!

PS: in case you didn’t get it, this is supposed to be some satire 😉










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