My God of all seasons

There’s at least one reason why the Bible is full of “DO NOT FEAR” statements.

The God who created heaven and earth,  and you and me, knows our hearts and how our thinking works. Because we live in a fallen world, fear is almost an intrinsic part of who we are. And we all know what fear can do to our lives when we let it rule our lives.

Fear makes some people neglect their responsibilities. And if you’re like me, it paralyzes you. It’s like you know there’s an important task awaiting for you, but you feel you can’t move. And if you do, it is always  backwards.

The fear of failure, of being laughed at, of not being able to finish a daunting task is very powerful.  I have found that it is rooted in the empty “what if’s…”. If I look at myself, there is weakness and lack of experience. Yet God’s promises for His sons and daughters are true and perfect. So if I look away from myself, there’s God– strong, faithful and good. Therefore it is OK to take risks, live by faith and wait for Him to act.

And when God finally finds you and you experience His faithful presence in your life, you can only go up and move on. Move on in His plan, unto what He knows is best for you. I am not saying everything will go great and like you want it. I’m saying that at the end of the day, it will go even BETTER than you ever expected because your heavenly Father is in loving and wise control. When you understand that, you find true joy as you give him your past failures, mistakes and successes; hold with an open hand your future plans, and live fully and fearlessly in the present time.

If God is God there’s nothing to fear:

God was in my past– He took care of me then and has proven to work all things together for my good. Jesus died for me and I was welcomed in God’s family.

God is in my present— I am GLAD to be in this place, in this moment…for He is with me and there’s nothing better than Him. Jesus lived the perfect life I cannot live, and I am accepted in Him.

God is in my future— He will not leave me or forsake me. His plans are WAY better than mine. Guaranteed!

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  There’s nothing to fear!


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