Evil sells

Highest  grade point average



These are the experiences I lived for when I was a kid. I remember studying all year long, trying to get the best grades of my class so at the end-of-the-year assembly, I might be recognized and given a medal.

Thankfully, I usually achieved my goal at the end of every school year ūüôā

This morning, as the honors assembly went on, I was so happy to see the students’ beaming faces. They were so proud of themselves for getting a certificate that recognized a special gift they had. The look and the smiles on their faces were all priceless.

But then I wondered when do we stop recognizing, praising and publicly admiring good character traits. At what age do we start preferring ¬†and emulating sinful patterns? These days being kind, respectful and obedient are things that pop culture looks down to. Actually, Hollywood stars get the world’s attention for quite the opposite. MTV stars get their ratings up in Youtube for scandalous, rated-R song lyrics and videos. People crave for that and celebrate it. ¬†Truth is that evil sells.

I wonder what would happen if we started recognizing the lowest grade point average and the most disrespectful child at the end-of-year assembly in school.

Then we would all think there’s something wrong there.

So I wonder why should the standard in real life be any different from the one we hold in every school?


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