I want to thank God for the gift of someone in my life that’s been there for me all the time.

God knitted her together in her mother’s womb. The Lord made her a special lady, and later on called her to be His daughter.

She’s the person who conceived me and loved me  from that very first moment.

She taught me how to excel in everything I do. She supported me every step of the way through college. Her prayers for me are constant and I’m sure have upheld me in the low, difficult moments of my life.

She’s the most sacrificial person I’ve ever known, putting my needs first than her own. She is so patient, so compassionate, so loving.

She’s unique. She’s my mom and I do not want to trade her for anything in this world.

I have nothing to pay her back, but can only pray that the Lord blesses her with every spiritual blessing 🙂 I hope I can learn to appreciate you more every day and love and serve you better in the years to come.

Te quiero mami. Gracias por alegrarte en mis alegrĂ­as y por llorar conmigo en mis tristezas. Gracias por amarme tanto y por sacrificarte por mĂ­.

Image source: 22 words


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