“Please Jesus come (in a little while)”: What I learned from Harold Camping

As we drove into the night it finally dawned on me. My friends and I were certain that no matter what Harold Camping had said and  announced on billboards, Jesus was not coming on Saturday. He simply wasn’t. The same old verse rang through our ears as we discussed the issue and how damaging it was to the real gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus was and is coming back again for His own. The Bible says so. But right then I wondered if most of the time our discussion ends here– in the timing of the event, while the real issue at hand remains silent.

Yes, I’m talking about His second coming. And as I write this, I am eagerly longing to see my Savior’s face and finally live by sight with the most beautiful Being there is. No more sin, no more hindrances and distractions! Just Jesus and I (and the million of Christians of all times and places). But that night I also realized that I did not want him to come– at least not right then.  It was like a girl that hasn’t seen her fiancé in a whole year and tells him on the phone one day, “Hey love, I know you love me more than anything. Your kindness melts my heart. I love you too! Someone told me you were trying to surprise me by showing up one day at my door and I REALLY can’t wait to be with you one more time. But could you wait a little bit while I finish living my single life and partying? I’m sure you want me to be happy…”

In other words, it’s like saying “Please come soon Jesus!” and then saying under our breath, “not till I get married, get a great job, have kids, minister to people in need, run a marathon…” and the list goes on, changing from person to person.

Lydia Brownback writes,

” We tend not to be heavenly minded…we live to mold our lives around whatever makes us happy today.”

Am I saying all those things are not to be desired? Yes. And no. Some of our desires are not bad in themselves. The problem lies in wanting them too much. In fact, many times we are willing to put off His coming or our going because we want to achieve those things first. So the intensity of these desires is what we have to be very aware and wary of.

Again, Lydia Brownback nailed it,

“Paul knew the secret to possessing and enjoying the blessings of earthly life is to hold them loosely

THIS is not our Home. We are living here for a while–a moment that lasts a blink of an eye. Are our hands open or is our fist closed tight?

Please God, take away my eyes from what is seen. Give me a heart that will live and sing “Maranatha: Yes, Lord Jesus, COME!”


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