Resource: The Gospel Coalition workshops

Last April, The Gospel Coalition had their national conference. Man, I wished I were there! A friend of mine went and benefited from all the great biblical teaching and fellowship. He also spent a good chunk of his time taking pictures with Mark Driscoll, Kevin DeYoung, Tim Keller…and well, pretty much every other pastor we love and admire. I swear that when he came down the mountain from Chicago, his face was almost shining (like Moses’). 😛

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that the audio for the workshops is online now!

Check out the huge list of workshops and download the audio here. I started with “Orphans and Adoption” by Russell Moore and Voddie Bachaum; and  “Is your church a sad place for sad people? Learning to walk with each other through loss” by Nancy Guthrie. I will probably blog about those later (or not! 😉 )

Have a good rest of your day!

PS:  If you haven’t downloaded and listened to the main sessions, you can find the audio here. Listening to Tim Keller’s sermon is a MUST 🙂 SO awesome!

HT: Justin Taylor


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