Hand-me-down granola

I put my bag of granola on top of my desk and I could feel it staring at me.

That morning I had gone running so I didn’t make it on time to work to get my free breakfast. As I was coming up the stairs to my classroom, I knew I would be hungry by mid morning.
9:00 AM came and the Spanish teacher surprised me with a bag of granola.
There– God had seen my need and provided. I had a free snack, and my stomach was thankful.

It was the afternoon. A student wanted to try some of my granola, so I shared with him some. And I did it willingly. “I didn’t have to buy this,”  I thought. “So I can freely give him some of my hand-me-down granola”

Then it hit me.
“What’s the difference between this granola and my money?”
Both are freely given to me by God, the ultimate owner of all things.
So why would I freely share my hand-me-down granola, and be stingy with my hand-me-down money (or time, for that matter…)?

The granola bag stared back at me.

It’s still waiting for an answer.
Photo source: BWH

One thought on “Hand-me-down granola

  1. sister I feel you, a mi me ha pasado peor..I have been stingy before even with what another person has given to me…but I as well came to the same conclusion God has given me so much! He has given me Christ! and Eternal life! and would I deny someone something as meager as X(insert whatever i didn’t want to share here)…that is how evil our hearts are :/

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