Haiti memories: Yes, Jesus loves me

When we arrived  at the yard, we found about 50 children playing around and having fun. They were all wearing the same pale blue t-shirt , so I assumed these children were the orphans that stayed in the orphanage we were visiting in Haiti.

A few minutes after our arrival, the kids were called to line up for a brief Bible study time. They immediately lined up under the scorching sun and all of them, from the youngest one to the oldest one, stood there without complaining. Then they started practicing their memory verse  saying it loudly. “These kids behave better than my students in the Dominican!” I thought to myself.

By this time we figured out that these kids did not belong to the orphanage. They were kids that lived on the dusty streets of the city. Some of them had lost their parents in the earthquake. They came to the orphanage every other afternoon for a time of games, Bible study and food because the orphanage had no place for them and this was all they could do to help them.

Then they sang a song. And boy,  did they sing it like they meant it. They sang the very famous “Jesus loves me, this I know.”

Jesus loves me! This I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong;
They are weak, but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

At that moment, I fell apart.

These kids are singing that Jesus loves them… I thought. I moved away from the group because I couldn’t take this anymore. My heart cried. With their melodious and vibrant voices in the background, a knot formed in my throat. Tears formed in my eyes. This was simply too much.

These kids are singing ‘Yes, Jesus loves me’  but they have no homes. They have nothing to eat. They lost everything, and yet…they believe it, they sing it. They’re saying  ‘Jesus loves me’“.

It was as if those kids were holding up a mirror to me. They showed my lack of appreciation for God’s kindness. Even though life was not going as I expected, like these kids, I had a million more reasons to sing and praise and hope because…Jesus loved me, and for the first time ever, I knew it.

What a great encouragement! Jesus give us faith like these children. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.


One thought on “Haiti memories: Yes, Jesus loves me

  1. Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. It was your reference to Anna Warner’s gospel song that caught my eye, since I posted an article on it myself this morning. I greatly enjoyed reading some of your posts. You’re an excellent writer, and it’s good to hear what the Lord is doing in your life. God bless.

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