A few thoughts on…Exodus

So this is edition #2 of the series “A few thoughts on…”, and this time we will devote our time and energy to the book of Exodus.

Exodus: The Redeeming God

1. God is very compassionate and will accomplish everything He has planned and promised. He remembers his covenant and acts accordingly.

2. God does not forget His people. It might feel like it at times, but He always proves us wrong . The people of Israel suffered in the land of Egypt for 400 years. They had no hope for freedom. Then God sent Moses, and well… you know the rest of the story.

3. Sin and our sinful nature makes us do weird things. When Pharaoh decided to not let Israel go out of Egypt, God infested his world with frogs. Pharaoh didn’t like them. He asked to be delivered. He couldn’t live like that anymore. When asked when would he liked to be freed from the pest, he said “tomorrow”. Maybe he did like them after all. I wouldn’t have expected that because he was really suffering, but truth is that sin snares us and makes us dumb.

4. God is very zealous for his glory. He expected his people to approach and worship him in certain way, so he took his time instructing Moses. At least 10 chapters of the book of Exodus refer to the worship of God. He has certain pattern in mind which he expects us to follow.

5. Jesus Christ is the pattern. He is foreshadowed in the book of Exodus.  Jesus is God’s goodness and the proclamation of His name and the fullness of  his mercy displayed. The tabernacle they built foreshadowed the real one– Jesus is God’s tabernacle who came to dwell among us.

Exodus is a good reminder of God’s infinite redeeming grace towards undeserving people like you and me. He makes us FREE!


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