Friday (Finally!)- I’m happier than you

I accidentally realized Apple’s marketing secret through a conversation I had (just) this morning (the secret is in italics):

Me (5:44 am):  I got Whatsapp!!

Friend (7:04 am): so i see…

Me: Yes, I’m Blackberry-free!

Friend: so you got an iPhone

Me: yes I did 😀 no more BB for meee!!

Friend: …I would have to be convinced to switch to iPhone. It’d be a whole process…

Me: well, sorry. I won’t try to convince you. I would do that to everybody before (many of my friends started using Blackberry because I convinced them),  but I ain’t going into that business anymore. You be happy with your BB. I am happy with my iPhone. LOL

Friend: But what’s the big deal about it…I find Blackberry to be more effective than iPhone.

Me: Nope. It isn’t. iPhone has apps for EVERYTHING. But don’t worry, I won’t try to convince you. Hopefully you’ll change your mind when you see how happy I am with my iPhone. I am very happy with it…I’m happier than before.

Friend: I won’t switch. Sorry.

Me: ok 🙂

-End of chat-

Apple creates this whole “feeling” for their users. And their users “spread the word” just by showing off  how good they feel when they use their products. There. I revealed their secret 😉

Give my friend a few months. She’ll be on iPhone before she even knows it 😉

Have a happy weekend!


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