God killed him


When I was like 14 years old, I went on a missions trip for 5 days. The most memorable moment I had was listening to a goat being killed. They cut the goat’s throat.  I can still hear its desperate cries. It wanted to live  so badly.

I just started reading Leviticus. This whole sacrifice system is driving me nuts. There are too many details of stuff I can hardly relate to…

except when I think about something else.

If they had to kill a goat or lamb in such a merciless way, it speaks about how dark and dirty my sin is.

The cross of Jesus confirms it.

Praise God that He killed His Son for our sins. He died once and for all. Now we don’t have to go to  any tabernacle or temple, kill a sheep or goat and deal with blood. Jesus, the holy Lamb that was slain, saved us the trip there and takes us now to the presence of a Merciful God.



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