We don’t want to think about it…

I walked down the hallway. There were people everywhere. Some were whispering, others were chatting… but no one dared to be disrespectful.

At the end of the hallway, my grieving grandma. And next to her, a coffin.

Her sister had just passed away that afternoon. As I approached her, I could feel a knot in my throat. I hugged her. Then I looked at the lifeless body inside the grey coffin. “People do a great job these days putting  make up on them“, I thought.  Her cheeks were pale rose and so were her  lips. But they were dead. There was no beauty or tenderness in her face anymore.

The knot in my  throat won’t go away. It feels like a broken car in the middle of the road that will not allow you to go through.

Death. What a painful, unexpected visitor. We cringe;  when we think about it. We all want to avoid it. We actually hate all things dead– dead plants, dead animals, dead relationships, dead ends. Reality is that no matter where we run to…wherever we hide or whatever we do, it will follow us there. We have it in our system.  It’s running through our veins. Someday our jobs, career, relationships, assets, money…will mean nothing to us when our body is being viewed at the funeral home. Death strips its victims of all things unnecessary. The only one thing it will not take away is our identity before God. This ID will determine where will we spend eternity.

Some people have drifted out of the room. Some have come and wept. Others have gone home now.

I’m still sitting next to my grandma who is sitting by the steely grey coffin. The knot in my throat has not gone away yet.

I wonder… if we were more aware of death, how would our lives be different now?


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