To those who are weary

“God saw the people of Israel– and God knew” (Exodus 2:25)

What did God see?

His people.

But what about them?

That they were afflicted  in the land of Egypt.

What happened after God saw?

He knew

What did He know?

What He would do.

In this moment we’re left in suspense. What will God do? Will He answer Israel’s call? Will he deliver them?

Yes. In the next chapter of the story, He called Moses to redeem His people from slavery.

Hundreds of years down the road, God sent His Son— our suffering Savior,  to redeem His people from the slavery of their sin.

If you think about it for a minute, I think this will mean something special to those who are weary and burdened. God’s special look is directed towards His people in need. His compassion is infinite. He is present. He is good. Jesus is not only a powerful, perfect Savior, but also is totally understanding of our pain, distress and suffering. Our cry for deliverance is heard by God. He sees— and knows what He will do.

What He has done for us in Jesus shows His extraordinary, never-ending love. What He is doing we would not believe if told. What He will do is pleasing, good, and perfect.

Knowing these truths sets us free.


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