Yes we can!

Yes we can” was president Barack Obama’s presidential campaign motto. It was the motto  that inspired millions of Americans to hope for a better future, and to vote for Obama. It promoted change and improvement for the American people.

Change was our young adults retreat’s theme this year. In Spanish change is “cambia”. On February 4th, 2011 around 100 young adults from my church and other sister churches went up to Jarabacoa for three days. We wanted to hear what God had to tell us, to be encouraged by His Word, and challenged through fellowship with other believers. I prayed a lot about this retreat. I know others did also. What Christ did there was amazing. As part of His answer  (and despite my own selfishness and doubts!) He lavished us with His grace. I was so blessed to be reminded of precious truths God has been teaching me lately such as  living a life of repentance and humility, how having a deeper understanding of the Gospel is life-changing, and  “Jesus is enough” so I don’t need to justify myself before God, others and myself!

Something remarkable about this retreat is that it was very different from others I’ve been to. I have attended all young adults retreats in the past 5 years, and while they have been special, this one had a different “feel”. The Holy Spirit moved liberally convicting us of sin and of God’s abundant mercy. He also gave us a fun, relaxing time. I enjoyed the whole time SO much! There’s a lot more I could say about it, but I’ll let two documents speak on my behalf.

The first one is the album of photos of the event:

And the second one are some sermon notes I took. We had five sermons preached by our guest speaker, pastor Sugel Michelén. I’m sorry these notes are only in Spanish.

Retiro CAMBIA 2011- Notas

Be blessed!


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