God’s dealings with first humans…and us

If you start reading the Bible in Genesis, the first VIP people whose stories we’re told in detail are Adam, Cain and later on, Noah. We see God taking the initiative to approach them and reveal himself to His creatures. One of the first things that we see God doing in his interactions with these humans is commanding them to do something.

First, let’s take a look at Adam’s story:

God: “You shall not eat the forbidden fruit.” (command- this is God telling him what he wants. No small print anywhere!)
Adam eats (sin)
God: “Where are you?” (God questions- this is God giving him the opportunity to confess…)
Adam does not confess. Instead, he blames his wife. (more sin)
God: “You shall surely die” (consequence)
God clothes Adam and Eve, and removes them from the garden of Eden so that they would not live forever by eating of the tree of life. (grace)

Then, we have Cain’s story:

God asks for sacrifice (This command is inferred in the text)
Cain brings the wrong sacrifice (sin)
God: “why are you angry?” (God questions…)
Cain goes and sins by killing his brother. When God asks him “Where’s your brother”, he doesn’t confess (more sin)
God curses Cain (consequence)
God puts a mark on Cain so nobody kills him. (grace)

Do you see a pattern here? Sadly, we’re much like our forefathers: God commands, and we sin, we don’t confess….you know the drill. The good news about it is that God’s commands, his questioning and even his discipline are full of grace. They’re part of his grace. Even when we “miss” those opportunities, his grace always prevails over our sin.
But we can still chose a better and easier way…

Let’s look at Noah’s story which is shorter than the two previous ones:

God: “Noah, build an ark” (command)
Noah: “Yes, Lord” (obedient response)
(God doesn’t have  to ask questions)
(no consequences,etc)
God saves Noah by shutting him in the ark. (grace)

Noah did not get saved because he obeyed. He got saved because God sought Him first. And just in case you think that Noah was saved apart from grace, we can see him offering sacrifices to God just the moment after he steps off from the ark. Somehow he knew He needed a substitute before God. On his own, Noah knew he could not stand before God.

At the end, may we always say with the Psalmist:
Lead me in the path of your commandments, for I delight in it. (Psalm 119:35)

And when we sin, let us repent and be reminded of God’s goodness:
Blessed is the man whom you discipline, O LORD, and whom you teach out of your law, to give him rest from  days of trouble, until a pit is dug for the wicked. (Psalm 94:12-13)

Isn’t it awesome how God’s grace covers us abundantly? 🙂


One thought on “God’s dealings with first humans…and us

  1. Vaya, cuántas veces he leído lo de Caín, pero a la luz de este patrón, esa marca definitivamente fue mucho mejor de lo que merecía, fue pura gracia. Leía por encima y nada más me acordaba de unos que discutían si fue un tatuaje o no. Gracias por el post.
    (Espero no le moleste que comente en español, es algo tarde ya jeje :P)

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