This is what happens when you neglect a piece of technology for a while.

Katherine: “I’m going to turn off my Blackberry’s internet service this week”

Blackberry: “Ok, go ahead. But you’re gonna miss me”

Katherine: “Nah, it’s gonna be good for me to use you as a regular phone for a while”

A few days later…

Katherine: “Hey, I think it’s time for me to turn on my Blackberry’s internet service again.”

Katherine tries but…Blackberry doesn’t work.


I know, Blackberry…. I probably should not have gone without you on missions trips to Haiti twice, or turned off the mobile internet for weeks, or blogged about the perils of technology… or  accidentally left you at home some times.

Is this your vengeance against me? Is this how you pay me back for all these years of faithful companionship?

Oh well, it’s okay. If I’ve lived without you for a while, I will survive this time…

Now I’m back to the Stone Age…


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