I ran with God

This morning something told me I was going to have a hard time doing my 5.95 km run. But I didn’t let that stop me. I wanted to run.

So I started. I ran. But then the thoughts in my head ran faster than I did. I was restless. And if you aren’t a runner, let me tell you how exhausting that can be. Of course running takes my mind away from things, but now I know that sometimes that doesn’t happen. So I prayed. And I ran. I prayed while I ran.

I ran.

Then I couldn’t take it anymore so I slowed down until I walked.

I prayed some more.

Started running again. A few minutes later, nausea came around so I had to slow down again.

I continued being restless. This time I was worried about my time. I would not be able to finish my run on time– I had already stopped several times, slowed down others. I didn’t look at the timer…I just continued running for a while. I was feeling better now but that didn’t last long because I felt nauseous again. Ah! so frustrating!

“Please, Lord! I need your gospel! Please help me” I cried. I had to make it till the end. I couldn’t finish if He didn’t take me.

So I started again. I could almost see the finish line. He was there with me. He would help me.

I finally made it. I was exhausted. I looked at my time: I had ran 5.95 km in 37.98 mins. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss a minute. I was on time.

I stretched out. And I cried.

See, running is like life. You’re running. You’re sometimes restless. You fight for joy. You pray. And pray. Sometimes you have to slow down. Other times you have to stop.  At times life itself can make you sick. You pray over it– you are still anxious. But Jesus is with you. He’s there all the way. You keep pushing and running , thinking that you will never make it. You worry about your timing and how it might not be what it should. You think you’re missing some part of your life…

But let me tell you that you never do. We never miss His plan or His timing.

I’m not Noah or Enoch, but today I walked with God.

I ran with him.


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