30 reasons to thank God for 2010 (part 1)

What a great year it has been. How God has delighted in doing me good! He has patiently led me through dark valleys of grief, and also taken me to the very top of mountains of joy! I can honestly say that nothing good has been denied- neither blessings nor trials. This year I found  my greatest treasure- Jesus…only because He found me first (more about it in the About Me section). And that brings peace and solace to my soul 🙂

A dear sister at church heard my story and what God has graciously done in my life, that she said to me “this has been the year of your life”. And indeed, it has been! By God’s amazing grace, thanks-giving saved my life. It saved me from bitterness, and resentment toward God, and it freed me to learn the lessons and fully enjoy God as my wise loving Father.

Here are the first 15 reasons why I’m thankful for this year. All of them are God’s FREE gift. Not because of anything I’ve done…but because of everything HE is! These reasons are not listed in any given order, mind you…

#30 I am thankful to God for the gift of a good job to be able to provide for my family in a timely fashion.

#29 I’m thankful that even though I am VERY unfaithful,God remains VERY faithful. His grace wows me.

#28 Thank you, gracious Jesus for all the new beginnings you’ve given me. “The dark ordeal is over”

#27 NO good thing, trial or joy, has been denied to me. Thank you, Father.

#26 for convicting me of my sin of laziness and for the amazing things He’s done after I repented

#25 witnessing orphans in Haiti sing “Yes, Jesus loves me” like they meant it. What a testimony

#24 for the AMAZING provision He made for me in the summer when things didn’t look promising at all. I’m speechless.

#23 I praise You for your dominion, your power over all things, and your forgiveness. You are worthy!

#22 the exquisite friendship of Rachel C. Her love for God and for me are such a timely gift. It overwhelms me 🙂 “We never walk alone”

#21 For His promises which are true and reliable: “As your days so shall your strength be”

#20 for bringing Shalom to my life- this is the way things should be, the way God intended them to be

#19 the realization that the most futile aim I could ever have is trying to please everybody all the time– including my parents.

#18 because I don’t have to pretend in front of Him anymore- or anybody else, for that matter.

#17 for the joyful blessing of being a witness of God’s amazing grace in Aylín & Ethan’s love story!

#16 the gift of Christ of my pastors who have led me wisely and patiently in difficult times (Eph. 4:8,11)

#15 a 25th birthday filled with surprises, lessons, grace, and beautiful Haitian kid’s smiles 🙂 REAL JOY

Updated: you can find the second part here.


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