Christmas presence

The sound of laughter filled the room. Witty comments on life and heartfelt conversations warmed us all. My aunt looked and smiled at me, her eyes lit up with a special joy. How delightful was this family time. I was sitting on my chair and tried to look at the whole picture as an outsider, and I loved what I saw. For a moment in time we were there just enjoying each other’s company and it seemed like nothing else mattered. Nothing else was more important than being together. I was so glad to be a witness and a part of that magical moment when all differences aside, we were for once “all there”. I wanted to bask in it all for as long as I could.

Indeed it was priceless. One of those full-of-mercy moments when you know it’s God’s will for you to be there.

Jim Elliot once wrote:

“Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation that you believe to be the will of God.”

In the last few days I have prayed that I would be more aware of this present moment than of the unknown moments to come. How rewarding it has been for me to live this way! Yet during holiday season we’re ironically faced with a challenge. Even though we’re given so much, we’re somehow made more conscious of those things or people we’re missing. For the single, the recurring thought might be “I’m still single”, for the married “I want good children” or “I’m far away from home and family”. We’re all longing for something or someone and Christmas time might make it harder for some. Nevertheless, I want to think that wherever I am, and whoever I’m spending my Christmas with, that is the place and the people I am intended to spend it with. And it is a joyful opportunity to actually be there and let God take care of the rest. To know that my story is being crafted by an all-loving God who was willing to send His son to be born “in the fullness of time” for me, blows my mind. It encourages me to be all there, in the right now because He knows me and my time perfectly.

Let Emmanuel help us revel this Christmas season as we remember that yes… God is with us now where He has lovingly placed us!

As an early Christmas present for all my readers, I would like to give away this wallpaper. Hope it serves you well.

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Free Christmas Wallpaper!

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