Friday (Finally!)

Ok, so this is how it’s gonna work out since I’m getting the hang of blogging. To make things more refreshing, I will try to post something interesting, funny and fairly light on Fridays.  It’s going to be called Friday (Finally!). If my readers are like me, I’m sure they would rather have this type of content over something heavy. Hey, after all…it’s Friday, at last! Enjoy this week’s post!


My heart was beating fast. Really fast. I almost couldn’t go to sleep because of how excited I was. “Can’t wait till tomorrow!” was the recurring thought in my mind. I had dreamed about that moment for so long. I talked about it all the time.  I couldn’t stop thinking about our meeting the next day. How sweet it would be to meet for the first time and do together what we were designed to do– running.

The most awaited day was here. I made a few calls during the day. They said they were ready. Waiting for me.

Then, at 6:00pm…I saw them. From the very first moment, I knew we were a perfect match. I could almost hear Chariots of Fire theme song playing in the background.

My brand new pair of running shoes had FINALLY arrived! How sweet our reunion was!

Introducing my super cool  stability New Balance WR850 Running Shoe for Women (like me):

Needless to say, I came out extremely happy from the post office yelling “Síiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” 😀 😀


One thought on “Friday (Finally!)

  1. I feel your excitement…we’re STILL waiting for packages from October here in Kenya…hoping they might make Xmas morning a bit more fun.

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