Technology (ab)use: bring back boredom? (part 1)

I am a technology freak. Ask my friends. They will tell you how much I love software, anything Mac, and of course…my blackberry mobile phone. They will tell you how I got them all hooked up to Gmail when Hotmail… well, they didn’t know any better. They will tell you how I was the first one to get a Facebook account, and encouraged them to get a Twitter account, how I can get information, blogs, and documents as fast as  lightning on Google.

A friend of mine once tried complimenting me saying “Wow, you’re better than Google”. And that pretty much made my day. 

Above all, they will tell you how many campaigns I’ve made in favor of getting a blackberry… immediately. Like there’s no tomorrow. Like your life depended on it.

But what they won’t tell you is what I’m about to say here– I still love technology, but I am really starting to hate what it means. I am hesitant to even say this for the sake of my reputation (ha!), but I must. Blackberries are driving me crazy. Well, just my blackberry. But before I elaborate, I need to say why I think blackberries are still great.

1. Blackberries have helped me save money. Most of my friends and some of my family now use blackberries. So I pay a fixed amount of money every month for my plan and I get to talk to them through the messenger for “free”! I hardly use regular texting anymore. It costs more money. It is not efficient.  It’s a waste.

2. Blackberries have helped me stay connected…all the time. I get my email right away,  all the time. I get my facebook and twitter, all the time. I can chat, all the time.

Did you notice what phrase gets lots of repetition in that last paragraph? Yeah, “all the time”. I don’t like it!

Let me start by saying this: we have been made after God’s own image. And God is a relational being. The Godhead was in total communion even before the foundation of the world— God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit know what it really means to stay connected…all the time. They know what unity is. They are one. So that’s where we get our need to connect with people. We were created to stay in meaningful relationships with others because we were created after the image of a Triune God. Also, God has given human beings intelligence to design means to help make our communication faster and sometimes more effective. It’s our use of it, which can make it helpful or plainly, disastrous. In the following days, I will be posting some thoughts and reflections on why it is not important for me to be connected all the time anymore. I don’t mean to run away from all means of technological connectivity.  I can’t do that! But I am thinking about what it means and how it has shaped me.  I hope to be able to address this issue in a gospel informed way.

Please stay tuned!


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