A picture of me

An excerpt from the book I’m reading, by Elisabeth Elliot 🙂

Not one to refuse even unnecessary risks, Amy was more than ready to take risks for the sake of others. She had certainly been sheltered, and she knew it. The shawlies were not sheltered. What sort of life did they lead? she wondered. Her brother, Ernest, working for the railways, knew things she didn’t  know.  She pressed him for information as to the sort of conversation the shawlies must hear. He wasn’t sure she ought to know, but Amy would not be put off. He told her a few things. She intensified her prayers that the girls would grow up pure and good.

This zealous work with young people went on for more than a year. Amy poured herself into it, but felt that she was not really building as she had determined to build, in gold, silver and precious stones.  Something told her all this activity might amount to nothings more than a heap of wood, hay, and stubble unless she began living a holy life, a life that would help others. She was full of misgivings. The list of her activities must surely have seemed an impressive one to those who looked on, but to the girl herself they were nothing. They were empty. Nobody was truly being helped as she believed they should be. What had she missed? How could she live the life she longed for? How to be holy? Was there any hope of it for her?


One thought on “A picture of me

  1. i LOVED this book, katherine, and was so challenged by it and by her life! but oh the danger of sitting in a comfy chair and reading, rather than living what we’re called to. thanks for sharing! see you next week

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