This year’s greatest discovery!

I am celebrating my third year of xanga posting by sharing with you about a special discovery I made last night

As many of you know, Jim Elliot was one a man whose writings and life influenced me the most this year 2007. Therefore, I am well pleased to announce my latest discovery in the world wide web…here it goes…

Jim Elliot’s sermons online for you to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dated 1951. What a blessing!

You can find two of them, here


One thought on “This year’s greatest discovery!

  1. hey – to post youtube videos on xanga, you have to copy the “embed” URL from the video on youtube, and then on the screen for xanga where you would usually write stuff, you click on “edit HTML”, paste in the URL, and then click “edit HTML” again, and then it probably won’t show up until you actually post it.   Let me know if it doesn’t work. 🙂

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