Last time I updated, life was good, busy and…dry.

Well, now everything around here is pretty wet. Storm Noel has hit our country and left our fields and roads full of water. Thousands of people have lost their homes. Other communities are unreachable because some bridges fell down. Our agriculture has been damaged. We´ve had some major power outages. Even though the storm is far away, it is said that we`re still having rain for the next 48 hours. School and work were cancelled all week long, so both students and teachers are having a rainy break. My family and I have not been able to go anywhere– except to the supermarket, ´cause my truck is broken. Anyway, if you could please take a moment to pray for our country. Me and my family are safe and dry at our cozy home, but there are people out there who have lost everything and do not have Christ to hold fast to. I heard my church is preparing some food and clothes to give to people in the community. So please pray for that also…that we will be able to serve them and use the opportunity to tell them about Christ.



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  1. wow!! what a pretty layout
    I’m so glad you’re ok. We definitely need to catch up sometime. I don’t really get on IM anymore (you probably know that) because my bro and sis are using the internet at night now too. So we’ll have to email or something. I miss and love you, twinny!!!

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