It seems I´m being told everywhere to memorize the Scripture. First last Thursday at the staff´s devotions, and then tonight at church. Right now I was just reading pastor Kilgore´s blog. There again, another good thought on that. Of course I know many parts of scriptures here and there, but as I was conversing with a friend tonight, “it needs to be fresh in my mind, so it´ll flow from the heart in all of my writings and conversations”.

So i´ve decided I will begin with Phillipians. Some highschool students at work are studying and memorizing it, so I will join them. Should be exciting. The problem is that I need to decide upon which language I will learn it–english or spanish. I really love the ESV version, but I live in a spanish-speaking country.

Anyhow, the Spirit knows how important guarding and meditating the Word is, and is hurrying me to do so more systematically.

I´m listening.


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