This morning just after I got to work, someone told me about the murder of missionary-pastor and his wife in Asia. I cannot tell how sad it made me. Then in staff devotions, as we prayed for their families and church, I started crying. And crying. I never met that pastor or any of his family members, but I grieved because he was my brother in Christ, and he was not wasting his life. The question that came to my mind over and over again was “Now Lord, who will you send?” I don´t know what will happen to the church he pastored there, but I´m sure the Lord will not forsake them or abandon. These events have made me realized that maybe I have never seriously prayed or considered if God could be sending me to that kind of mission field someday? Am I willing to forfeit my life for the sake of the Name? Am I ministering to others in the current mission field (i.e. home, church, job…) God´s placed me in?

Please dear brethren, let´s spend ourselves in serving the Lord Jesus Christ for He is precious!

“Send me if You will!”


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