Tonight I’m thankful I’m twenty-two years old.

Twenty-two years of mercy.

Twenty-two years of His faithfulness.

These twenty-two years that tell a wonderful story about the Creator of heaven and earth who cares about a person like me to display His glory.

I’m thankful that before this age, He has already opened my eyes to see the beauty of Jesus and the ugliness of my sin.

I’m overjoyed for those lessons He’s taught me during these twenty-two years—on the value of family, health, obedience, His grace, His plan, His unconditional love.

I’m glad His timing is perfect.

I’m thankful for my particular struggles and my weaknesses. He’s strong.

I’m thankful because I am starting to understand (and delight in) how He’s working in little details and BIG events in my life for good!

I’m thankful for a higher calling to follow Him wherever He leads, even through the waters of Marah.

I’m thankful for my calling to teach children and through it, serve Him in the expansion of His Kingdom.

I’m thankful for a job and a church family I can call home.

I’m thankful for the ability to communicate and listen to others, and know that my struggles in life are so similar to other people’s–I’m not alone in this world.

I’m thankful because by these twenty-two years old, I’m single and still living at home.

I’m thankful because I’m in no rush to get married.

I’m thankful because this is the time of my life to grow in Him and learn from Him and be with Him.

These twenty-two years of God fulfilling His promises again and again. And He continues there all the time!

I’m thankful for twenty-two years of shaping and molding.

I’m excited that He knows me and calls me by name!

There’s nowhere I’d rather be, but in the place and time He’s prepared for me tonight…

when I’m twenty-two years old.


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