I was looking for a school book in a popular bookstore tonight, and heard a group of people who happened to mention the word “Bible”. I got closer to hear them, and then realized they were a New Age discussion group or something like that. It got on my nerves, I started praying. How do people pay attention to the Zodiac sign and stupid stuff like that? I figure that’s not new. I don’t remember where I read it in the Bible, but thousands of years before Christ came, people were already worshipping the Zodiac stars. Creepy! Please pray for those people. I wanted to jump in the middle of their meeting and say something…do something!

Romans 1:18-32

“they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator”


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  1. hey… this is brielle… i closed my brielle1385 xanga and made this new one. so yeah, this is me now.  🙂
    how have you been? is school back in session yet down in the DR?

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