To Facebook or not to Facebook…

There’s something going on in the blogsphere. Or probably it’s just me.

Facebook has attracted all of our attentions and energies so we don’t write anymore. It’s so much part of our lives that’s become an action verb: “Facebook me, please”, we say to our friends. I figure it’s more fun to keep in touch with our friends and relatives through wall writings and picture tagging, than it is through blogging.  Maybe the whole blogging is a thing of the past, or it’s proven that I’m not a good writer anymore (or intend to be one). That’d be sad. Anyhow, I do find it very discouraging to be writing here and not having people comment back. As I write that, I sense that blogging has lost it’s impact –at least here right now, because we’re all in search of approval…or in the worst case, of feedback!

Shame on me!

Writing takes time and thought, for I am not going to post anything or everything here like nonsensical surveys or other stuff that’s not worth my reader’s attention. And yeah, I know I’ve done that before (you might check the last couple of corny posts here), and I apologize for that. I think we are all responding to the moment’s addiction, namely Facebook, for it’s easier and faster to poke someone than go ahead and type a well-thought parragraph.

Again, Shame on me!

This whole posts proves that we’re all becoming short-minded people. Or…it’s just me.


One thought on “To Facebook or not to Facebook…

  1. I 100% agree. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have some serious thinking to do about all of this world of internet communication- its place, its priority, its positives and negatives… thank you for your thought and insight. I’m mostly caught up on Facebook, and now to be caught up on xanga…

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