God’s faithfulness to His own glory and His people blows me away. It’s so humbling to see how He’s daily working for His glory and my good. This Spring break has shown me that. I’ve seen how His mercies actually pursue me all the time!

Tonight I had a wonderful time at dona Ika’s bday party. I’m so glad I went! Not only because of the good time we had there, but because of the timely advice she and her husband (my pastor) gave us all. It was like the Lord speaking to me through them. I confess that in my mind I have an scheme of what I want in life, but it seems that lately I have been settling for less. A small unwise desicion here, some slipping there….I have given into things that probably are not wrong in enough themselves, but that soon will reap undesiderable fruits. Settling for less comes from a heart that doesn’t trust God. Pursuing my desires will only bring unhappiness and destruction. If I do that, it’d mean that I had not fully rested in His sovereign love.

Once again, I need to ask forgiveness and get on God’s side of the fence.

“Help me to know continually that there can be no happiness, no fulfilling of thy purpose for me, apart from a life lived in and for the Son of thy love.”


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