Next time I feel sorry about my family, or complain about it…I’ll read this post.

“All things work together for good to those who love God”

My parents have been divorced for almost 10 years. While Dad was living at home, I don’t remember the first time he sat down with us to instruct his children and have an earnest conversation. He was always busy, always tired. Since the divorce, he takes time to do that with us. And those conversations have become more and more frequent. Most of the time, is a monologue, but deep inside us it’s more like a conversation between him and our inner thoughts. I know it sounds weird, and maybe I’m not making sense, but somehow that’s the way it works. Dad is not perfect. He’s not Christian either…but he’s still my dad and I love him. I love how he still cares very much about us, and is there for us most of the time…not only to supply for our physical needs, but also to love us. He tries spending as much time as he can with his children. Most of the time he gives very good advice. God has been very merciful to us in a world where dads leave their spouses and abandon their children. I thank God that’s not the case for us. I pray God will help me to be more thankful everyday for the dad He’s given us. I hope I will be more loving and caring towards him.


4 thoughts on “Dad

  1. It’s just amusing…it’s still very difficult, though, because even though I can usually translate their emails pretty well, I can’t translate from English into Spanish very well, so they can’t understand me too well.

  2. I didn’t realize that your parents were divorced. I can very much identify with the thoughts you’ve shared here… the same has been my experience with my dad since my parent’s separation almost a year ago. I’m still adjusting. God has been good and blessed, but it’s definitely different. And a dad is still a dad, no matter what! Just out of curiosity.. what are the odds of an American person finding work in the DR… say for a summer? And just how much medical experience would be required to assist in hospital work? I’m really curious. And doing a lot of dreaming lately… ;-/…. haha. I might as well find out as much info as I can… you never know, and it pays to be knowledgeable!

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