I am blessed…

Tonight I say “goodbye” to February.

I’m thankful that, what started as a painful and full of uncertainties month, ends with a smile on my face because God’s face of assurance and love is shining upon me.

One of the things I commited myself to at the beginning of this year, was to review my resolutions every last day of the month. So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve seen myself failing in some areas, but growing strong in others. Transformation is on its way, though to be honest, it seems working slowly…yet steady.

Today is the first time in many weeks when I’ve felt better and stronger spiritually speaking. This has been translated in deep meditation and a mind full of Scripture. It’s always so refreshing to have the Word in one’s mind. I am so blessed to have God as my loving and gracious Father. This afternoon I received one meditation by Elisabeth Elliot called  “Two Marriageable People” If you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest you do. Relationships between guys and gals may be a huge blessing, but also may be risky if any of the two start doing or assuming other things. And probably this article couldn’t have arrived in my life in any other better moment! Women are so easily misguided. Indeed we are! I am very thankful and relieved that my Father knows me and my needs. It’s so good to be able to serve others and just focus on whatever He has for me, leaving all other things resting in His hands.

I am blessed to belong to my local church. Tonight we had member’s meeting to discuss/hear last year’s reports and this year’s plans….God is doing so many  things through us, in despite of us! He’s given us a Scriptural teaching, six godly pastors (our church has around 600 members), strong and defined reformed doctrine, a Berean spirit among the brethren… just to mention a few of His gifts. Being the biggest Reformed Baptist church in the world (most certainly), God has preserved us for 29 years. Yet He is shaping and molding us. I’m praying He would help us to continue being faithful to Him and that we’d grow more in love and grace.  To Him be the glory!

I am blessed to be a teacher. This morning at work I was pondering how could I make i.e. Reading more meaninful to them…and How could I make my children see Christ in everything? To have a God-centered, Christ-filled,  teaching is a challenge for me. I want them to see Him in all His glory and splendor.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking today. Maybe another reflective post is on its way.

“If He doesn’t grant you that desire of your heart, it’s because He has better things and plans for you. He knows best. No, He is the one who knows.”


2 thoughts on “I am blessed…

  1. Transformation!  Our church just finished “The Year of Transforation” Romans 12:1-2.  I like how you wrote about being weak in some areas while growing strong in others.  I think some people make the mistake of focusing only on their weaknesses and not on their strengths as well.  I hope your reflection time is fruitful.

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