I guess it’s time for me to update.

If you ask where have I been, I would tell you that I’ve been busy with life and trials. I’m thankful, though, that even though I’ve been pretty busy, most things have gone smoother because I’ve been working closely with my time and space organizational skills God created all things with a given order. No wonder why He made them that way!

February has been a month of spiritual testing and uncertainties. I will not go further into explaining all the little details, but let’s just say that repentance has taken an important place in my life. I only want to follow Him where He leads me. Yet I know that it is only if He helps me, that I will be able to do so.

One of my best friends got married yesterday. It was a beautiful, God-centered ceremony. I was one of her bridesmaids. If you want to see the pictures, just click here.  I got to chat a bit today with her She says they’re doing wonderful, as expected Please pray for them as they travel to Europe tomorrow for their honeymoon.

So I think I’m marrying soon ’cause I grabbed the bride’s bouquet! lol. I’m just missing the groom..but I trust it’ll come in it’s timing. I’m happy He knows best and that He’s keeping me content.

Hope ya’ll doing good and strong in the Lord.


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  1. I want to be invited to your wedding!!
    Yay…you posted. I’m glad you’re doing ok. We’ll have to email since I don’t use IM anymore. Hope life’s going alright for you. Love you!!

  2. What beautiful pics! I went to a wedding last Saturday too!!! haha. I wasn’t in the wedding tho like you. I don’t know if the people getting married were Christians or not (it was our neighbor’s oldest daughter and I don’t know her very well), but the service was beautiful. The things that the pastor said were really good… Almost made me cry! Funny how weddings can do that. Back when I was in my mom’s wedding, it was all I could do not to. I’m glad you’re trusting in God and letting Him lead you – it’s an encouragement to hear! Have a great week.  🙂

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