Is it biblically correct to gamble?

how do you know?


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  1. haha…no the students didn’t take me hostage and tape my mouth shut! 🙂  I’m loving teaching just like you are.  I definitely see that this is exactly what God created me to do.  Have a great weekend

  2. I wish I would have tuned into the “Mr. Do-it-all” BEFORE. I accepted all of the responsibility that I have.  At the same time, I was pressured into it because it was the only way that I could have become full-time and what they expected from me.  Who else was going to do technology?  Who else would do the website?  At this point and from now on, I’m not going to concern myself with that and it will take care of itself.Live and Learn 😉

  3. ryc: NYC wasn’t too cold. There was a little bit of snow left where they had pushed it off the streets, but that was pretty much gone when we left. I never wore my coat while I was there (though I don’t wear it much anyways). PA was cold, though.

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