Ah! Yesterday was such a profitable day

I’m learning how to play the flute. Yeah! I’m taking a class “Musical expression”  and I learned “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven.

I bought three of my favorite movies on a sale.


I had the chance to witness to my hair stylist

And I went shopping with my aunt and grandma for…SHOES! And they were all on sale- I bought my dress’ sandals for the wedding.


And I drove my aunt’s new car!

On the not-so-happy note…my baby lost one tooth. I’m sad


Anyway, Today was also a wonderful day at church.


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  1. haha. cute. i always like posts with pics better.  🙂  hope your lappy gets it’s tooth fixed!! oh, and pretty shoes! i love the kind that “lace up” like that.

  2. hehe i know… i was thinkin’ it might be kinda fun to freak out some of the other people… especially this one prissy little girl. ha. just to see the looks on their faces when i pull my dead turtle out of my bookbag. i’d have to hide a camera somewhere. i’d also have to try really hard to be totally serious about it, too.

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