I’m missing Christmas time.

Anyway, “Justice” was cool. Very well shot episode. Yet, for some reason, I found it ironic and somewhat funny.

Tonight’s bible study was good. There are things to ponder, and consider and pray for. I’m glad the Lord is being in our midst.

I’m happy I get the day off tomorrow Which means I get to sleep in.

Tomorrow I plan to learn Psalm 19.

Finally, life’s good because He IS good to me.

I want to inmerse myself into a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

the end.


5 thoughts on “Suddenly…

  1. good books are… well… good.  🙂  and speaking of hot chocolate, how warm/cold is it down by you? it was in the 70’s where i live until like 2 days ago. and now it’s in the 40’s!!! brrrrr…. i’m definately a warm weather chica!

  2. Ooo, lucky you getting a day off! Fun stuff that, 🙂 Sadly, I have but the weekend left and then I’m off to PCC world again. Study study study… 🙂
    enjoy your book and cocoa!

  3. Gracias!!! Yes we went and had a great time there and met a Dominican girl from IBSJ she study in Calvin and we welcomed New Year and everything i have posted on my Weblogs….. Yes God blessed us and helped us soo much in everything that we want to go back this year. And how are you doing? how`re classes going?

  4. mmmmm…sleeping in…always glorious. 
    If you come up and play in Cedarville, I’d love to find a good book and some hot chocolate with ya.    Good books and warm, tastey beverages were SO made for each other

  5. yeah, i’m a smallville fan. not because its a great show, but because i’ve been watching since it started, and i’m a sucker for superheroes, pretty girls, and sappy teen drama shows every once in a while

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