This is my rambling of tonight’s Smallville episode “Hydro”

And yeah, if you don’t like the greatest show in the world…then, skip this and continue reading something else!  I promise I will not be blogging on this often, but right now I need to vent.

If you didn’t watch tonight’s episode, then you’ll have to wait until they rescreen it again for I will not waste my time telling you what happened.

Anyway…Lana is such a freak. First she’s gone with Lex Luthor a.k.a Villain, and gets pregnant, and then says she still has some feeling for Clark?? What did she think..? That Clark would receive her with arms wide open when he learned about her pregnancy? No way Jose! I’m glad Clark made up his mind about this and that he didn’t get swept away by Lana’s erratic behavior. “I hope that Lex makes you happy” was like the most glorious thing that Clark has said after all these episodes. At last, I think we close Clark & Lana chapter forever. The worst line in the show was when Lana told Lex that “I’d probably love you [Clark and Lex] both forever” and then says yes to his proposal. What man would want a lady for wife whose love is divided? *rolls eyes* And yeah, before I go on…Lex is a jerk. Like Clark said, he has manipulated everything since the beginning of this relationship to make Lana feel that she’s in love with him. Nevertheless, I don’t know what to think of Lana anymore after what happened in the last scene.

In other hand, I was so excited to see that Clark is slowly beginning to develop some feelings for Lois. When they were in the barn talking about how they’d discover if Oliver Queen was Green Arrow or not, you could see that even though Clark and Lois are like water and oil at times, they know each other pretty well. Clark definitely loved kissing Lois, though she didn’t know it was him and he wasn’t expecting that at all. The scene of Clark wearing Green Arrow costume was absolutely great I think one of the reasons why Clark is a bit happy about Lois is because I think he now knows that she’s trustworthy. After kissing the Green Arrow (Clark), Lois said “Your secret is safe with me…” Ergo, he knows that he can count on her. Of course he doesn’t know that now….but I’m sure it’ll stay in the back of his mind somewhere until things change between them  

Finally, I’m just glad that Clark and Lana are over. And that Clark is beginning to move forward from this chaotic relationship and looking up to the future. Next eppy “Justice” will show us just that.

“You will always be part of my life…Smallville” *sigh*

Yeah…next Thursday will be sweet


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