So I’m finally here. Back home.

I went to Jarabacoa (for those of you who don’t know, that’s up there in the DR mountains) where it’s cold and chilly and the scenery is beautiful, and you get the chance to relax and have fun


This is our house:


I went with my pastor’s family and the Lord gave us a great time together. Ika, Luife and I left on Tuesday, Dec. 26 to Santiago and slept there that night. The next day, we drove to Jarabacoa where we met with the family. Ale and Alicia came up on Thursday 28. We woke up late every day, had brunch, and then went to the towns to do some shopping (everything’s so cheap!! ), and spent the whole day going places and visiting other people. We’d come back in the evening, cook supper, spend time in family devotions, and then do our night ritual: UNO! I lost most of the times, but still it was so much fun.

Here are some Pictures for those who are interested

As far as the home front is concerned, the Lord did amazing things and taught me so much. I didn’t want to leave home with so much going on, but still I did. I prayed so much everything would be alright while I was gone. For my surprise, everything went very well and things were fixed! With this the Lord taught me a valuable lesson. He said to me: “Katherine, you’re important in your family, but you’re not indispensable. I’m holding up and watching over your family all the time. I have everything under control and don’t need you. I alone are God”

“Thank you Lord for not dealing with me according to my foolishness”

I was also able to work on this year’s resolutions, and be very specific on them. I know the Lord has many things in store for me , and I’m looking forward to what He’s going to do in my life this year. I long for spiritual growth and to get closer to Him. Year 2006 was good, but definitely could’ve been a lot better. I’m glad for the things He put me through and for the things He gave me: a new job, new friends, new opportunities to share the Gospel. I’m thankful He didn’t repay me according to my sins. His grace was enough and will be enough this year. He’s promised me that.

I go back to work and school on Monday. I’ve had to strive for contentment. I don’t want to go back to routines and busy life. But this is my portion, and it is good…no matter how I feel about it.

Happy New Year friends. And may God bless ya’ll.!


One thought on “2007

  1. Hello stranger! I’m glad you had a good vacation and were able to have some profitable time away too! About the lesson you’ve been learning about your place in your family… I’ve been learning the same thing too. Are you the youngest? Just curious. Hope you have a wonderful new year and that you continue to grow in grace!!

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