Christmas looked at with an objective eye.

Is there any biblical proof that we as Christians should remember our Lord’s birth through any religious or social celebration?

Was Christ born in December?

To both questions, there’s a “no” for answer. God did command us to remember his death with the celebration of the Lord’s supper, until the day He returns. We celebrate His resurrection as we gather every Sunday, the day He was risen. But there’s no divine commandment that tells us we should celebrate Christmas.

I don’t believe it possible that Christ could’ve been born in December because…1. The gospel of Luke tells us that the shepherds were outside, and this would’ve been impossible if it they were in Winter. 2. The roads were impossible to travel during winter…(so the census wasn’t in winter, therefore, people could go to their towns) AND 3. the apostles, nor the first church celebrated Christmas. Constantine made this celebration around the 4th century to give a Christian name to a pagan ritual. During these parties, people exchanged gifts and had big dinner and people would get drunk. Other inmoralities were also commited during those celebrations.


There’s no reason why I should celebrate Christmas. God doesn’t command me. It wasn’t in December. It had a pagan origin.

So Christmas is a matter of our liberty of concience.

The world is forced to be reminded of the birth of the Savior at least once a year. And it all adds up to their guilt on the day of Judgement. The western world can’t say they never heard about Jesus. Every time they write the date on any paper, it’s like God reminding them that Jesus Christ was born once, for the history is divided B.C and A.C. Knowing how to write a simple date, people around the world are storing wrath for themselves on the day of wrath.

For the world, Christmas is a time of emotions and materialism.

For us Christians, it should be more than that (forget about materialism). It should be a good opportunity for the gospel to be proclaimed, and for the us to rejoice in the memory that Christ was once born to the world, and in our hearts.

May Christ Jesus be glorified in Christmas this year.


3 thoughts on “Christmas looked at with an objective eye.

  1. “the shepherds were outside, and this would’ve been impossible if it they were in Winter”I must say I disagree with that. The weather there is not that cold. For example, this week in Bethlehem the weather is mostly in the 50’s. That is warm enough that the roads should be quite passable, and not so cold that it would be impossible for the shepherds to be out in the fields. So I guess I don’t think it impossible that Christ was born in December.I did find an interesting article online that presents “probabilities” (including the two you mentioned here) and suggests that it was likely that Christ was born in September.

  2. “…for they shall cry unto Jehovah because of oppressors, and he will send them a saviour, and a defender, and he will deliver them.” (Isaiah 19:20)(ASV)-BibleGateway
    “…At the time that God has already decided, he will send Jesus Christ back again.”(1Timothy 6:15)(CEV)-BibleGateway
    JESUS  DECLARED :”I have come in My Father’s nameand with His power…”(John 5:43)(AMP)-BibleGateway
    “I will come with the mighty acts of the Lord Jehovah…”(Psalm 71:16)(ASV)-BibleGateway

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